20 Funny Apple Product Knock-Offs


by Shane Jeffers

Apple products are in my opinion far above in quality than anything else on the market. They constantly come out with products that change the industry they’re in. Look at the splash the iPhone and the App store has made in only 3 years time. You can’t walk down the street with out seeing an iPhone in someone’s hand or bag. It’s amazing how strong the bonds between Apples’ customers and the company truly are.

Apple has become so popular and their branding is so strong that manufacturing Apple Knock-off products is a Million dollar industry. If you travel around the world you will see all kinds of Apple knock-offs from iPods to iPhones, Macbooks, and even Shuffles. Here are a few Apple knock-offs for your viewing pleasure.

The Knock-offs

This is pretty close to the iPhone but has an extended bottom portion near the home button.

This is a crazy looking Macbook knock off. You better take a second glance at this one.

This iPhone knock off got almost everything right, but the home button is completely different.

This nano was done well except for the big on/off button at the top. The print and logo on the back of it are pretty close.

I actually think this is a cool shuffle concept.

This is obviously way off, but I’m sure it would fool my grandmother.

This nano knock-off looks very mysterious… not even sure how you would navigate its UI.

Looks like a bad version of the iPod Mini…

Pretty close to the original iPod nano except the button graphics are a little off.

Now where did they get this design idea from?

This one is called the iFone, and iPhone with buttons and a stylus.

Another knock-off of the gen 1 iPod nano.

This manufacturer took a little more time to even include nice packaging.

This is an actual computer made by HP which is a horrible knock-off of the new unibodies.

Awesome! Gotta love the fat nano.

Shuffle rip off with a screen!

Seriously? What a great looking UI…

The long awaited iPhone Nano!!!!

The Challenge

Make sure you leave a link to great Apple Knock-offs in the comments. I would love to see more of these fantastic products. Don’t forget to enter in our Grafpedia giveaway. We are giving away a Grafpedia account worth $199 for free enter here.

Written by Shane Jeffers

Shane Jeffers is the Creator and Author of Three Styles. I have a unique passion for design trends and tutorials. Follow me on twitter @ThreeStyles

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  • http://pixelclouds.com/ Ben

    Its amazing how many copies there are! How do they make money out of copying something and making it worse?

    Visit my blog: http://pixelclouds.com/
    Follow Me: http://twitter.com/pixlclouds/
    .-= Ben´s last blog ..Wallpaper of the Week #1 – Marc Simonetti =-.

  • http://freepostia.com FreePostia

    This is ridiculous

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  • http://www.mopupduty.com matthias

    Great list. I can’t believe that HP ripped off Apple on such a blatant level.
    .-= matthias´s last blog ..Geddy Lee & The Toronto Blue Jays =-.

  • LAkawak

    Because hey didn’t mattias…Apple didn’t invent that concept.

    Not to menton, offering much more functionality is not a knock off, but an IMPROVEMENT.

  • http://www.aboutcaillou.com/ Steve

    It already exits. Years ago i bought an MP3 shuffle replacement for a GF. Better sound. More storage. OLED display. Cheaper than a shuffle. I cant remember what it was though. Oddly she didnt like it. It was an awesome little device…

  • http://ecopia.com.au joony

    Most popular products have ripoffs, usually made in China. My eco gadget shop receives offers of low-priced clones every day.

  • http://www.loudable.com Suhasini

    This is really cool and this should be seen by Steve Jobs :P

  • Jesuslol

    Haha, I love the macbook ripoff at the top with the windows key

  • James Lastig

    I’ve seen a few iPhone models in China. Don’t know how the OS on those phones works, but these models have dual sim, tv receiver, zoom + flash, etc. And they cost about 60 bucks.

  • Jess Woods

    Wow, an IPhone Nano! I like it.


  • Andrew

    they are all made in the same chinese sweatshops regardless

  • theillien

    You called this “20 Funny Apple Product Knock-Offs” but I didn’t laugh once. I want that minute of my time back.

  • Xmann

    All the knockoffs are kinda cool, but the HP isn’t a knock off. It was around before the unibodies, so at best it’s parallel evolution with apple’s sense of style. But the others? Priceless.

  • sg

    I like the NPhone one, the apps names and their respective icons are way off. Games is the picture of the stock market, Sound Rec is the weather? Either terrible Photoshop work or built by people who can’t speak English.

  • http://www.safety-devices.com Andrew

    this is a breathalyzer that looks like an iphone. my sister has one. though it looks like a knock off of the iphone, it’s actually a pretty advance breathalyzer.


    or the more expensive fuel cell version in black.


  • Gizmo

    “All the knockoffs are kinda cool, but the HP isn’t a knock off. It was around before the unibodies”

    Really? That HP was released September 2009, how is it not a Rip off? How long have unibodies been around longer than 6 months I’ll bet
    just google HP Macbook clone and read the gizmodo article

  • http://richworks.in Richie

    Haha… these are preposterous. Especially the iPhone lookalikes…. I’m astonished how they got the GUI exactly replicated.

    lol… thanks for the share :)
    .-= Richie´s last blog ..Create a Stunning Retro Futuristic Typography =-.

  • http://www.xowiidream.com nik

    love the article! I have actually seen one of these come direct from japan, they arent too shabby, but no appstore lol.
    .-= nik´s last blog ..XOWii Dream Team =-.

  • http://interactivelogic.net/ InteractiveLogic

    entertaining, but very sad.

  • http://logolitic.com/ logolitic

    iPhone knocked off with the only difference of the home button or the home button position, that`s shame…
    People can be tricked very easy with these products, so be very careful when you buy one.
    .-= logolitic´s last blog ..50+ Typography art inspiration =-.

  • http://www.espinteractivesolutions.com/ Sarah@Bay Area Web Design

    love your post.. interesting really!

  • http://www.free-forex-demo-account.info free forex demo account

    apple rocks the world with these tech products after it lost the battle of OS against microsoft :) they have to thank bill gates for this succes.
    .-= free forex demo account´s last blog ..Forex Demo Contest =-.

  • http://www.epicr.com Casey John

    Cool list! Some of these actually look pretty decent which surprised me. Especially the NPhonw lol
    .-= Casey John´s last blog ..Tennis in Dubai =-.

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  • Monica

    Psssht.I’d buy it if its cheaper and saves me money.Still looks fly and works.Lol,thats enough to satisfy me.I wont complain =)

  • Robert Cop

    How about an actual Chinese knockoff of Steve Jobs to add to that list?


  • http://www.translationbykako.com translationbykako

    They all look pretty shiny and cool, just like the real Apple products. As a non-mac user, this is the first time I actually paid attention to the Apple logo and noticed the bite was taken off the right side, not the left side. :-)

  • http://iphonesolarcharger.net Jon

    I’m always a sucker for Apple knock offs. Let’s see an iPad knock offs edition next!
    .-= Jon´s last blog ..DIY iPhone Charger- 4 Awesome DIY Solar Chargers That Are Cheap =-.

  • http://ganar-buen-dinero.blogspot.com Agustina

    Saves me money.Still looks fly and works.Lol,thats enough to satisfy me

  • http://www.lapietradaterra.com.ar Lapietra

    Thanks a lot for the great work!

  • Armi

    Amazing!! I love the iFone i mean the iPhone It rocks! =)

  • http://www.myidevices.org/ Anjy

    The bite on the “Apple” is indeed amusing. Great knock off products. I am sure they sell like hot cakes.Way to go “Knock Offs”.

  • Paul

    I got a used knockoff and couldn’t figure out what it was until I visited this site. So, thanks for making this, now I know I bought a knockoff. It works ok, but seemed strange to me from the beginning.

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